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Breakfast Sandwich Pairings

Breakfast Sandwich Pairings

There’s no doubt that Mason Dixie Breakfast Sandwiches are top-notch. With 100% real egg and savory sausage, why fix what ain’t broke? We hear you, we hear you. But trust us these sandwich add-ons will make your breakfast game unstoppable. You’ll serve these to your fam or friends and they’ll start thinking you did end up taking those virtual Chef courses.




Why have hashbrowns on the side when you can have them IN the sandwich? Call it a one-stop-shop if you will. Maybe add a little bit of jam and some thick cut slices of butter. Those crispy crunchy potatoes mixed with sweet raspberry jam and savory sausage. We’ll take two please!


Veggie Edition


Looking to keep breakfast a little light? We got you fam. Throw some leafy greens and ripe tomato on our sandwiches for *chef’s kiss* the perfectly balanced breakfast. And maybe add a touch of hollandaise sauce for that little extra somethin' somethin'.


Sausage Gravy 


Now, we don’t need to tell you how delicious this classic is. Sausage on sausage with warm gravy drizzled on top. This is the kinda sandwich concoction reserved for special occasions or, heck, for every Saturday morning. Sausage gravy topped sandwiches were the GO-TO at our restaurant.


No matter how you top it, there’s no way to ruin Mason Dixie Breakfast Sandwiches. Recipes look too daunting? Keep it simple. Pop that baby in the microwave and enjoy. We encourage it!

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