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From a food stall
to Your home

We started Mason Dixie with a dream: to change American comfort food for the better. We make everything we serve from scratch, using clean, natural ingredients and home-style technique. What started as a little 80-square-foot stall evolved into a full-fledged restaurant that became the inspiration for the products you can now find in your local grocer's freezer.

Come Hang with Us!

July 23 • 8 AM

Bozzuto Resident Appreciation Brunch

For Baltimore Bozzuto Residents, come join us for a brunch sponsored by Mason Dixie! 

July 19-Sept 2 • All Day

re-FAB 2020 Online

Seven weeks of inspiration, education and meaningful connection for women in food. For scheduled webinars and tickets go to

Oct 17-20 • All Day

NFRA Virtual Meeting

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