How to Clean Up Your Freezer

How to Clean Up Your Freezer

We get this question all of the time: ‘Why are your biscuits frozen? Why aren't they refrigerated like some of those other guys?’ Well, we’re glad you asked! There’s surprisingly a lot of benefits to freezing food. Did you know that freezing food helps create a natural preservative?!

Frozen food tends to get a bad rap. A lot of those yucky frozen dinner meals contain tons of sodium, artificial flavors and additives. But on the flip side, there are a lot of frozen foods where freezing them helps retain their vitamins, minerals and create no change in their carbs, protein or fat content. Natural preservation at its finest! It allows us to basically hit “pause” on the natural aging of food. 

Freezing our BiscuitScone and Roll dough is what allows Mason Dixie to deliver you the most delicious, fresh baked goods at home! It’s the scratch-made, home baked experience without all the mess and just as tasty. 

Come roll with us! You dough-not wanna miss out!

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