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Managing Your Oven During the Holidays

Managing Your Oven During the Holidays

Not sure how to manage your oven space with all of the things you want to make for the holidays? Only have one oven but big ideas? We can relate, so let us help!

Things that can be made in advance are a huge space saver on the day of holiday meals; consider prepping and storing these items in air-tight containers 4-5 days ahead of time to be baked later.

Bake Later

1. Blanched green vegetables for roasting
2. Bread/Cornbread for your dressing
3. Pie dough
4. Pie filling

The night before your feast with family and friends you can rotate a few things through your oven to save time and space on the big day like your pies and cakes; they can rest on your kitchen counter covered with no issues.

The day of your meal don’t stress, just follow this rotation:

1. Pies and loaves of bread are up first in the oven; get these out of the way early if you didn’t cook the night before.
2. Turkey next, your turkey should take 13 minutes per pound if it’s unstuffed, 15 minutes per pound for a stuffed bird.
3. While your turkey rests, for at least 30 minutes, you can pop your Mason Dixie Biscuits, prepped sides, and casseroles in the oven.
4. Be sure to rotate your sides and casseroles halfway through if you’re putting some on the bottom and some on the top. You don’t want a burnt green bean casserole top and an undercooked bread stuffing bottom!

There you have it, from start to finish, how you can easily manage one oven and host a feast over the holidays. Remember, one thing at a time, and it’s just food.

 Happy Holidays from Mason Dixie Foods!

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