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Mason Dixie Ultimate Brunch Board

Mason Dixie Ultimate Brunch Board

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good cheese board any day. But let us tell you about Brunch Boards. It’s like putting all of our favorite things together: Brunch, alllll the Mason Dixie Goodies and the perfect Insta-worthy tablescape. Add some fresh OJ and sparkling champagne and we’ve got your ideal Sunday right here!

So, now that you’re on the Brunch Board train you’re probably wondering what you’ll need and how to get started. Luckily we’ve got the Ultimate Brunch Board Guide for you.


What You’ll Need:

- Mason Dixie Breakfast Sandwiches

- Mason Dixie Biscuits

- Variety of breakfast meats (I.e. bacon, sausage)

- Fruit (I.e. strawberries, blueberries, orange slices, banana slices)

- Garnishes


1. Start by grabbing a flat cutting board or serving dish.

2. Arrange the larger baked goods first. Run out of room? Use two different platters!

3. Add in small jars of jam or butter.

4. Strategically fill in empty spaces with loose fruit like blueberries and larger spaces with bacon or sausage.

5. Top with garnishes of flowers straight from the garden and voila!

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