So...What Is A Scone?

So...What Is A Scone?

Scones and biscuits, two perfectly delicious baked goods, but what is the real difference between the two? Well, most people don’t know. Both have the same recipe foundation: flour, fat, and liquid. But characteristically, biscuits are known as flaky, buttery goodness and scones categorized as more dense, sweet pastries.

It all began in the early Southern days, when colonists took an original British recipe and started to tweak it a little, adding buttermilk, lard and soft flour. Thus, creating the fluffy, layered southern biscuit we all know and love today! Meanwhile, in the Northern colonies, they took a different approach to the same British recipe, adding eggs or cream, creating a more dense pastry we now know as the scone. Since then, both recipes have evolved slightly with scones containing more sugar and usually mixed with sweet fruits or nuts.

So, when should you eat a biscuit and when should you eat a scone? Whenever you want! At Mason Dixie, we have room in our hearts for both biscuits and scones! Both are equally delicious and always made with the same real, clean ingredients when they come from us.

Come roll with us! You dough-not wanna miss out!

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