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Tips And Tricks For Baking The Perfect Biscuit

Tips And Tricks For Baking The Perfect Biscuit

Tip: Use a Baking Sheet Instead of a Cookie Sheet

Our biscuits bake best on a rimmed baking sheet. Not a cookie sheet. “Well, what’s the difference?” Oh, there is a difference. A cookie sheet has only one raised lip whereas a baking sheet has four raised edges. Those raised edges catch any liquid that comes out while baking. And because our biscuits are made from REAL butter, it will more-than-likely melt out of the biscuit and drip onto your pan. You need these edges to catch that liquid which, in turn, helps crisp up those biscuit bottoms!

Tip: Keep Your Biscuits Frozen

For best results, you should really keep your Mason Dixie goods frozen until you’re ready to pop them in the oven and enjoy them! Otherwise, since we use natural baking powder, the goods may not rise the way you would like. If they are thawed, we don't recommend refreezing them as you may still experience issues with rising.

Tip: Eat Your Biscuits Before They Expire

First of all, how did you NOT eat those biscuits the day you bought them? Second, technically, you could eat them but we do not recommend it as the quality of the biscuits may have declined. While none of the ingredients will be unsafe to eat, they probably won't taste like what you know our biscuits should taste like - little pillows from heaven.

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