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What Does Clean Label Mean?

What Does Clean Label Mean?

We get it, the term “Clean Label” can be confusing and even a little scary, but we are here to make a little more sense of it. “Clean Label” is by no means scientific, but rather a term used by consumers to describe products like ours. Clean Label products are made using as few ingredients as possible, with those ingredients being things that many also use in their kitchen at home like butter, flour or sugar. These ingredients are natural and do not include any artificial flavors, preservatives or chemicals.

We expect you to be skeptical of what is on your food packaging, as the Clean Label Movement has made people more wary of food products that sound like they involve “too much science”. To be honest, this comes from the lack of familiarity with scientific names of ingredients. For example, what do you think the following ingredient list makes:


Sounds like a lot of chemicals and jargon, right? Well, it is actually something you all have in your kitchen pantry and that we use in our biscuits, scones and cinnamon rolls: all-purpose flour. That’s why on our packaging, we breakdown exactly what is in our goodies but with common terms you can recognize too.

So while Clean Label may sound scary and intimidating, it’s really just foods using as few, every day products as possible!

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