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Why Doesn't Coffee Cake Contain Coffee?

Why Doesn't Coffee Cake Contain Coffee?

“I don’t like coffee so I’ll pass on the coffee cake”.


It seems like a logical phrase, except coffee cake doesn’t contain coffee! Surprised? Most people are! How does a cake not even contain an ingredient it's named after? It seems crazy but there’s a long history and decent explanation behind it!

A long time ago, when Europeans migrated over to the United States, they brought over recipes for bread-like cakes they frequently baked. These recipes evolved when Americans added cream cheese, chocolate, and other flavors. Another concept the Europeans brought over was the idea of kaffeeklatsch, or a break in the day to meet for coffee, a treat, and small talk. Coffee breaks as we call them now. A lot of the traditional recipes enjoyed during these breaks were given the name of coffee bread or coffee cakes based on the times they were enjoyed. And so the coffee cake was born!

Coffee cakes and delicious scones are both treats usually paired with lattes and coffees alike! We, at Mason Dixie, decided you shouldn’t have to pick between the two when enjoying your afternoon pick-me-up. So, we created our Coffee Cake Scone! Perfectly sweet and made with ingredients you can pronounce. Take a little break and enjoy!

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