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What to Pair With A Scone

What to Pair With A Scone

There are a few different ideas around what a scone is, but Mason Dixie scones are one of a kind! Scones could be best described as biscuit-like pastries, but sweeter, usually with fruit and some cream, to give it a denser and crunchier texture.

At Mason Dixie, we have set a new standard for what scones should taste like! With real blueberries, real buttermilk and no artificial preservatives, frozen and sealed, we are bringing homemade deliciousness right to your kitchen.

Many people may indulge in scones late at night for dessert, while others like to have them with their coffee in the morning. There are a ton of different ways to enjoy Mason Dixie scones.

They go perfect with a bit of lemon curd if that’s your kind of thing. You also cannot go wrong with a simple layer of butter, or a homemade berry jam. And if you really want to risk it all, a scoop of each of the curd, clotted cream, and jam on a plate will do the trick.

No matter how you pair it, nothing beats a Mason Dixie scone!

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