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The Signs As Mason Dixie Recipes

The Signs As Mason Dixie Recipes

What’s your sign? Every sign brings something special to the table. We’ve got the recipe for you, boo!  


Spinach & Cheese Hand Pies because this air sign tends to be innovative, progressive and shamelessly revolutionary. Shoutout to all of you out there that are dedicated to making the world a better place!  


You know that we had to assign you the Caramel Apple Biscuit Bites. Well, because both seem to be torn between fantasy and reality, and this recipe is unreal! You are the most intuitive, sensitive and empathetic.  


Since you all love to be #1, its only right to assign this sign one of the best biscuit toppings out there; Pimento Cheese! You’re bold, ambitious, and everyone tries to compete with you!  


Being that you are one of the most dependable signs, Buttermilk Biscuit Spinach Dip makes perfect sense. It’s smart, comforting and dedicated to satisfying your hunger!  


Symbolized by celestial twins, Copycat Mason Dixie Classic Fried Chicken Sandwich is definitely for you! You’re outgoing, playful and let's not forget adaptable; so many toppings work for this one. (Our personal favorites are Mike’s Hot Honey, and True Made Foods Ketchup) 


Represented by the crab, this one is a little obvious... Maryland Crab Dip! You need others to prove that you can trust them, and hunnay let me tell you. This recipe is the TRUTH!  


We get it, you love attention, and these Turkey Stuffed Biscuits are quite the showstopper! If you show up to the potluck with these, you are guaranteed to get all the attention you want (and deserve)!  


You’re logical and practical, just like Classic Biscuits & Gravy. Everyone can count on you to get things done, as you are a perfectionist at heart!  


When it comes to matters of the heart, you know just how to handle them. As a sign known for being charming and cozy, Loaded Baked Potato Soup just makes sense!  


Loyal, brave and determined; you know that biscuits are meant for more than just breakfast. These Cheddar Biscuit Burgers are all you, boo!  


You get along with (almost) everyone, are optimistic and love an adventure. While you probably won’t follow a recipe, your daredevil tendencies perfectly align with Biscuit Pizzas. 


Did someone say bad & boujee? You value your time, but still love things that are quite extravagant. Beef Wellington Bites are definitely the recipe for you!  

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